Since 2010

Since 2010

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The Alabama Black Belt Project is an ongoing effort to capture the rich history of the region through wonderful images of the beautiful landscape that highlights it’s wonderful Southern style.
The goal is not only to become the most comprehensive collection of pictorial and oral documentation of this historic region, but also to be a boost to, not just the economy, but the area itself.
As we highlight the region’s rich culture, we’ll cover  a lot of ground; from the history of Antebellum homes, to the men and women who made them. It’s going to be a fun journey through the past and a look into our future.

Our Story

My love for the area known as Alabama’s Black Belt began in 1974, as myself, my twin-brother, older brother and dad hunted the white-tail buck throughout Wilcox and Lowndes Counties.

While I spent irreplaceable time with my loved ones, I also fell in love with this part of our state. Years later, my brother and I would spend countless days restoring the beautiful plantation and antebellum homes that are scattered throughout the counties that make up this historic area.

Named for the rich, dark soil that yielded cotton and other crops, the Black Belt has been the site for Civil War battles, changes to Civil Rights and the standard for Southern, small-town living for hundreds of years. As someone born and reared in this great area, I’m excited to bring you the stories of the people who make it what it is.

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